Welcome to Episode 145! Greg Schott is the Chairman and CEO of Mulesoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks. Prior to its very successful IPO, Mulesoft raised over $250m in funding from some of the best investors in the world including NEA and Lightspeed, and then some of the largest companies of the day in Cisco, Salesforce and SAP. Greg joined Mulesoft in 2009 when the company only had 20 employees. Over the last 8 years Greg has scaled the team to over 1,000 today in 18 countries. A real software industry veteran with over 20 years of experience building and leading high growth technology companies from early stage through IPO.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

* How Greg made his way into the world of SaaS and came to be CEO @ Mulesoft?

* Greg has seen Mulesoft scale from 20 to 1,000 employees today. What have been the biggest challenges in scaling the team? Where are the breaking points? What are the signs of those impending breaking points? How does that show through the team behavior?

* Where do most companies go wrong in the hiring process? What is the right and wrong way to respond when a bad hire has been made? How long is long enough to determine whether a bad hire is a bad hire? Does Greg agree with the hire fast, fire fast thesis?

* If Greg could go back to 2009 when he joined the firm with 20 employees, what would Greg change about the way he approached hiring? What hiring advice would Greg give to an early stage SaaS company?

* How does Greg think about scaling sales teams? How does Greg view specialization in the scaling of sales? When is the right time? What should CEOs look for in their sales leaders? How does that alter at different points in the journey?

60 Second SaaStr

* How have things changed since IPO?

* When is the right time to expand product line and enter new segments?

* Biggest challenge with Mulesoft today?

* Which SaaS CEO does Greg most admire and why?

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