SaaStr Video AMA and Podcast: “Really Aligning Sales and Marketing” with David Cummings and Craig Rosenberg

Our latest Video AMA was a pretty fun one and went in a little different direction that I expected. David Cummings, founder/CEO of Pardot, co-founder of Salesloft and Terminus and more; first investor in YikYak; and builder of an entire Tech Skyscraper in Atlanta; and writer of a SaaStr blog a ton of you read … with Craig Rosenberg of Funnelholic (that many of you read) and TOPO.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.22.29 AM

The video and podcast are below.  We went deeper into enterprise marketing and account-based management that I’d thought we would, and it was a pretty interesting discussion for those of you who are going up market.

I also never get tired of hearing David’s stories of being a founder.  You get a few good tidbits in here. I want to do another full session on that.  Both of them will be at the ’16 SaaStr Annual so meet them there!!

Published on December 7, 2015

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