A little while back, we did our first SaaStr AMA with Aaron Ross and BJ Lackland and it went pretty well.  Now we’ll try to productize it.

christoph We’ll turn this into a “Lunch with …” series where every 2 weeks, we do a Google Hangout AMA with someone great in SaaS.  You can send in your questions ahead of time on Twitter using #saastrAMA or email.

First up is Christoph Janz on Point Nine Capital, the video is above.  Christoph many of you will know as a thought leader in SaaS in general — his first angel investment was Zendesk, and that went well.  He’s since gone on to invest in many Europe-to-America leaders (including Algolia and FrontApp with me), has pretty epic returns in his fund, and much more.  He’s one of the good guys in this venture industry.

>> You can pre-register here for subsequent video AMAs, and THANK YOU to SalesLoft for sponsoring this — that’s super awesome. << (more on sponsorships here)



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