With all the doom and gloom on Twitter, you could be forgiven for thinking SaaS customers have somehow evaporated.

And perhaps they will.  But not today.  Not today.

Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft, was kind enough to share that well into nine figures of ARR, they are not only growing 53%, but hit the plan early for this quarter — and are seeing no signs of any slowdown, at least not yet.

Zendesk, in the midst of a $10B go-private transaction, just announced its last quarter was its best revenue increase ever:

And this past quarter, Salesforce, the bellwether of SaaS, announced it was accelerating and had seen no slowdown yet:


Others leaders are seeing the same.  Snowflake, while seeing some softening in certain segments, is seeing strength in others.  Yes, some segments have been hit hard as we move into a post-Covid world, like Zoom and DocuSign, despite being iconic brands and products.  Others are seeing a post-lockdown reversion to prior growth rates, like Shopify.

Overall these 3 SaaS leaders are bellwethers of where much of SaaS spend is.  Salesloft (and Gong and Outreach) are proxies for all sales automation spend.  Zendesk is a proxy for all post-sales and support and CX spent.  And Salesforce … well Salesforce really is a proxy for all SaaS spend.  At $30B+ ARR, up to 10% of all SaaS spend goes straight to Salesforce.

So while some areas are challenged today, overall, SaaS is growing faster than ever.  And hasn’t taken a real hit yet.

Find a different excuse if you need one.

A bit more:



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