I say Usually Yes.

Don’t send your deck to an investor you haven’t heard of.

Don’t send your deck to an investor that hasn’t asked for it.

But a good investor, at a good firm, that asks for your deck? That’s a sales prospect that has expressed interest. Send the prospect what she wants!

For me, for example, I almost never will meet without having time to review a deck ahead of time. >> I like to do 80% of my homework before the meeting, not during and after. <<

Also, don’t send it as a docsend, usually. That just adds friction to the sales process. But if it’s an investor you don’t know or aren’t sure about, and asks you for a deck — maybe then use a docsend. It’s a way to track what someone you aren’t selling to is doing.

And finally, of course, don’t include super confidential things in your deck. Assume anything you send to an investor might be send to a competitor (just assume that, hopefully it isn’t). But remember, most things can be found in a Google search. If so, they aren’t really all that confidential. So send as complete a deck as you can. No teasers.

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