What is Elon Musk, the most successful entrepreneur of our generation, doing now? He’s sleeping in a sleeping bag at the production line of Tesla. Again.

He probably rarely sees his brood of children, and has to deal with constant management team turn-over.

There is real, if remote risk, Tesla can go bankrupt. It’s a constant hamster-wheel process of raising huge amounts of capital and trying to keep up an insane market cap. Even SpaceX had near-fatal death moments several times. And SolarCity had to bailed out by Tesla itself.

S. t. r. e. s. s. And constant, at least low-level, pressure to maintain everything.

And yet … he’s done some of the most amazing thing anyone in the history of mankind has done.

Which is it, for you?

The greatest entrepreneurs, the few moments I’ve had a chance to interact with them, no one is ever relaxed. There’s never a break, no matter what you buy, no matter where you travel.

But doing amazing things is the most stimulating and engaging thing you will ever do, and you build amazing relationships along the way.

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