This is the time to do it.

Dropbox passed $1b in ARR just about a year ago, is growing at outlier rates (30% YoY, apparently). It’s proven all there is to prove, at this stage ($1b ARR+). Cash-flow positive, $1.Xb in ARR, growing at top decile rates.


The SaaS public markets are about as high as they are likely to get:

SaaS and Cloud had a huge bull run in 2017, well ahead of the market in general.

This is the Best of Times for SaaS and B2B.

Now is the right time.

And maybe, if you squint at the above BVP Cloud Index, we’re even at a bit of a local maximum. Maybe the huge SaaS / B2B stock price run is leveling out a bit. If so, all the more reason to file just before the run … runs out.

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