Welcome to Episode 32! Luke Kervin is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO at PatientPop, where he has scaled the team from 10 to over 130 in just 12 months. As a result, PatientPop recently raised their Series A led by Toba Capital, allowing them to further ramp up their customer base and expand the employee ranks to over 200 people.Luke_Kervin

In today’s show with Luke we discuss:
How Luke came to found his first SaaS business in PatientPop.
What is Luke’s criteria for selecting a potential business idea? What does the idea need to have? What elements of an idea will concern Luke?
How did Luke go about validating the idea for PatientPop? What are the most common methods founders get product validation wrong?
Why did Luke build a fake product, a fake website, and fake business cards to validate the idea?
PatientPop has grown from 10 to 130, so how did they scale so fast? What are the inherent challenges of company culture maintenance with such hyper-growth.

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