We crossed 350,000 (!) followers for Cloud Daily! from SaaStr on Quora this week.

What were the most popular stories of the week? Let’s take a look:

#1. “A study found that tech workers could flee dense San Francisco for suburban-like San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley amid remote working boom”.  What will San Francisco Silicon Valley look like after this?  We don’t know.  We do know it has flattened.

#2: “$3 billion Carta slashed its revenue goal but kept hiring anyway, leading to massive layoffs in April. Insiders describe whiplash and organizational chaos as the company attempts an ambitious new pivot.”  So much change, so quickly, the past 100 days.

#3: “Where Are Most Tech Layoffs? Not Silicon Valley”.  The layoffs are happening at many tech companies.  But they are laying off folks based elsewhere more.

#4. “Dell Halts 401(k) Matching, Pay Raises, Hiring to Preserve Cash“.  Dell not getting a boost from these crazy times.

#5: “Texas Instruments makes it harder to run programs on its calculators”.  One less classic platform to hack for fun.

#6: “Scandit raises $80M as COVID-19 drives demand for contactless deliveries”.  A Covid-19 boost.

#7: “Next Billion Dollar Startups” from Forbes.

#8: “Work collaboration unicorn Notion is blocked in China [Update: It’s back].”  Perhaps not as interesting a story as it seems, with Notion back.  But a reminder any collaboration tool is at risk in China.

#9: “Social Distancing at Work: Stylish Cubes”.  Cubes and closed offices are making a comeback.

#10: “Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz is stepping down”.  It happens when you burn billions without a ton of revenue to show.


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