has IPO’d at an almost $10B valuation, an incredible journey in just a few years

We asked Co-CEOs and Co-Founders Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, to share with SaaStr their top 5 mistakes and learnings on the path to $300m ARR and a huge IPO.

5 Things They Would Do Again

#1 Measure Key Metrics From Day One. The answers you need will always be in the numbers. Starting out, there will be fewer metrics to track, and what you need to measure will evolve. That is totally normal. built its own database to track company progress. Says Mann, “It was important for us to own the data, to know exactly what was going on…when you have problems, you don’t have anywhere to hide. You own the data, it’s yours, and that was instrumental in our ability to scale.”

#2 Build Together. Transparency leads to ownership. Build a culture of openness in your organization. By sharing your company KPIs, earnings, numbers, etc., you encourage your entire team to take ownership of their roles and emphasize a common goal.

#3 Move Fast. Iterate until you get it right. Avoid the temptation to spend lots of time perfecting something for months. Introduce new products and updates quickly and incorporate customer feedback as you go. 

#4 Be Open to Changing, Constantly. Growing fast is fueled by agility. Being too risk-averse is actually the riskiest thing you can do for your business. If you simply stick to the motions, you block yourself from opportunities to reach your full potential as a company.

#5 Don’t Default to What Others Say or Do. Drill down on the advice and make no assumptions. Often it’s easy to look at other companies to get advice or inspiration for your own business. While it is valuable to take external inspiration, be careful not to ignore what is best for your unique needs. Critically examine the “why” of advice you receive and ensure it aligns with your goals. 


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5 Things They Would Do Differently

#1 Don’t Only Focus Internally…also focus on what others are saying around you. There is a flip side to the “Don’t Default to What Others Say” tip from above. If you focus too aggressively on your ideas, you may miss out on some great advice. Other people have different experiences than you do, and there is often value in a new perspective. 

#2 The Areas of Your Company That You’re Most Passionate About…might be where you’re digging the biggest hole. Many SaaS leaders get very excited about an area of their company and invest much of their time working on that. But as the business grows, a founder’s obsession with a specific area’s success might hinder quick progress and scaling. A founder’s time and effort need to be used elsewhere, and you must trust your team to take the reins.

#3 Just Because You Have Leadership…doesn’t mean you have a leadership team. As Zinman points out, “It’s not enough to hire super smart people, it’s not enough to hire great leaders. I think the most value you can get is when the team is working together.”

#4 Lead By Goals…where to go, not how to get there. As a SaaS leader, it’s your job to set the business direction, and it’s your team’s job to figure out how to achieve the goals you set. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and put confidence in your team.

#5 As You Scale, Maintain a Culture of Constant Feedback. It’s essential. Go beyond one-on-ones and quarterly performance reviews. Create a culture of immediate, constantly flowing feedback with your team.


Key Takeaways

  • Measure.
  • It’s all about the team.
  • Be open to all kinds of change.
  • Move fast.
  • Feedback is essential.

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