Ok so what was Big on SaaStr.com this week?

Top Blog Posts This Week:

  1. Dear SaaStr: What Do The Top 1% of Sales Reps Do … That The Other 99% Don’t?

  2. At the Top SaaS Companies, Founder-CEOs Own ~15% at IPO. And Most Co-Founders Are Not Equal (And That’s OK).

  3. 5 Tips To Minimize “Churn and Burn” Behavior in Your Sales Team

  4. 5 Interesting Learnings from GitLab at $250,000,000

  5. It’s Never the User’s Fault

Top Videos and Sessions This Week:

#1. “State of the Cloud with Bessemer Venture Partners”.  The most recent update on where the Cloud is — and is going.

#2. “Hyperscaling At Scale with PagerDuty’s CEO, Jennifer Tejada”.  A terrific session with PagerDuty’s and Sendgrid’s CEOs on how to keep a growth engine … growing.

#3. “Why Founders Should Prioritize Personal Development with Shopify’s President and Felicis”. 

#4 “How Community-Led Growth Drives Product-Led Growth with Notion’s CRO, Olivia Nottebohm”.  $10B Notion’s new CRO shares how to scale not just with PLG … but “CLG”.

#5. “Nick Mehta, CEO Gainsight: 10 Things That Are Changing Now in Customer Success“.  A deep dive on what’s new in CS.

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