We’ll have 3 different tracks and themes at SaaStr Europa on 15 June (+ evening before 14 June) in Paris:  Unicorn Morning, Founder-to-Founder:  The True Stories, and Scaling Revenue.

Fresh off Salesforce’s $6b+ acquisition of Mulesoft, we’ll have founder Ross Mason in an amazing conversation with Harry Stebbings.  Harry runs the 20 VC podcast and the SaaStr podcast and is one of everyone’s favorites, and he does an amazing job pulling the true stories out of the journey.  Mulesoft is not only the biggest M&A ever in SaaS, it’s also certainly the biggest one founded in Malta!!

Next, we’ll talk about a true Unicorn that did it the real and hard way — Meltwater.  Jørn Lyseggen will share how you build a billion dollar B2B startup without raising a billion, the challenges getting to $100m in ARR, and much more with Carl Fritjofsson of Creandum, backers of Spotify, iZettle, Mixmax, and more.  

We’ll then grab one of the latest Unicorns, UiPath, with a discussion from Accel’s Luciana Lixandru and CMO Bobby Patrick.  UiPath seemingly came out of nowhere, but in fact it’s been huge success for many years, originally from Romania.  They did it without raising much money, and growing their valuation 10x in the past year.  Wow!

And then Marc Diouane, President of Zuora, will have a fireside discussion with Jason Lemkin on scaling and building teams.  Zuora IPO’d this year and is one of the first of the next generation of SaaS companies to truly break out.  Marc and Zuora have seen it all and this should be a terrific and thoughtful deep-dive on the human side of scaling B2B companies.

Unicorns are just one small piece of our first ever SaaStr Europa.  But we’ll have quite a few!

See you in just a few weeks in Paris on 14 June for the kick-off party, and all day and all night on 15 June!  See you and 1,000+ of our SaaS BFFs there!

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