At least in the enterprise — Optionally. And without letting anyone but the admin / buyer roll out any changes.

The biggest freak-out you will get from your large customers, from large enterprises that are depending on your services to run their core business is change.

They don’t want it.

If a dialed in process is working, they don’t want to touch it.

  • They don’t want prettier buttons.
  • They don’t want a fancy new UX/UI.
  • They want no change to a dialed-in business process.
  • Importantly: They don’t even want end users knowing there are new features and functionality. This just adds risks to their business processes breaking.

So what does this mean?

It doesn’t mean don’t innovate. It means be careful, though, how you roll out features.

Most of your larger customers will want the default to be NOT_EXPOSED

They don’t want you pushing new features every night.

They want security.

And they don’t want to process new features even every quarter. Often times, once a year is all they can handle.

So innovate. But make mandatory changes something you do maybe even only every 2–3 years.

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