I know this sounds overly simple, but the answer is:

  • Measure it.
  • Set goals to improve it.
  • Pay people to improve it.

Too many start-ups don’t even know their CSAT and NPS. Too many start-ups don’t even visit their customers in person. Too many start-ups don’t know why their customers churned. Too many start-ups don’t proactively talk to their customers.

Set a core company-wide goal. That is a Top 3 goal for the company. Compensate your Customer Success team for hitting the goals specifically, and tie everyone’s overall company-wide success to hitting the goals, too.

Magic will happen.

You can’t turn a -5% a month churn rate company into +20% overnight, and maybe not, ever.

But you can improve/decrease churn 20% or more incredibly quickly if everyone makes it a key goal. And you can keep driving that goal up every quarter.

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