It doesn’t matter — as long as you stay strong.

What matters is that you are growing quickly once you finally get to $1m in ARR. Even if it takes you years of iterating, experimenting, and screwing up to get there.

And if it takes a little too long … just write off that time, mentally. You have to find a way to reengage for the next 7–10 years once you hit $1m in ARR.

Recently, I did an event at the SaaStr CoSelling Space with Dave McClure and Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk.

I was lucky enough to be the first venture investor in pre-IPO Talkdesk, at about $1m in ARR. The company went from $1m to $10m in less than 18 months, and was simply a rocketship once it hit $1m in ARR.

But I’d forgotten about the 2+ years pre-revenue when Talkdesk didn’t make a single dollar.

Tiago hadn’t. He powered through it. He never lost faith. He found a way. More here:

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