It certainly will.

It’s not an accident Slack is advertising regularly in the Wall Street Journal.

Slack is still really in the early adopter phase.  It just grew so quickly that it will still be in that phase even at $100m ARR.  Which is unusual.

And as it has, it has naturally expanded its footprint … it’s still early days, but Slack clearly in the process of evolving from its roots as a communication tool used for people building software … to one used by people building and working on anything.

Slack is currently at, apparently, an ~$80m+ run-rate, up from $10m or so about 12 months ago.  That’s an incredible growth rate.

As you go grow at this rate, you almost always naturally expand your footprint.  And if you want to — you can get pulled into the enterprise.  You add more security.  More control.  Different integrations.  That is starting.  Just starting.  But it’s already happening.

Its so-called “enterprise” edition — which really will just be for larger teams within medium and bigger companies initially — still hasn’t even launched formally:

But you almost always go more enterprise and upmarket.  Atlassian did it, New Relic did it, Box did it, Yammer quickly did it in its brief life.

It’s a well understood playbook.

That we’re just starting to see played out.

More here with Stewart at last year’s SaaStr Annual on this topic:

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