By John Rode – Sr. Director of Demand Generation, Preact

john_rodeEveryone in SaaS customer success knows they need to be strategic and proactive to be successful. Yet, it’s extraordinarily difficult to get out from under the constant firefighting to find the time to refine your strategy, analyze customers and get out ahead of inbound customer requests.

We’ve been diligently designing a series of templates to speed you on your way to smarter, proactive customer success. The intent is to provide you with a jumpstart to get organized, communicate your thoughts, and drop a bit of knowledge for how to frame your strategy and analysis. Enough talk – here are the templates!

1. Crystallize Your Customer Success Strategy

The key to presenting your customer success strategy is to draw the connection between the bottom line and the levers you can pull to drive results. Provide too much information and your CEO’s eyes will glaze over. But, if you’re too thin on details your strategy may lack punch. We created this customer success strategy template to help you bridge the gap.

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2. Nail Your Next Quarterly Business Review

Isn’t the quarterly business review arguably the single most important presentation you make to your customers? No customer wants to get beat up by a “death by PowerPoint” presentation. So, why not make the customer success QBR an engaging experience?

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3. Segment Your Customers With This Quadrant

A clear and considered customer segmentation model is a key foundational piece for any customer success team. To lend our customer success brethren a hand, we created this customer segmentation quadrant template. Created using Excel, it’s quite straightforward to modify to “make it your own”. And because it’s visual, it’s a great tool to coalesce management and team members around your customer strategy.

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4. Map Improvements to Your Customers’ Journey

Don’t be reactive. Don’t be reactive. It’s a mantra customer success chants to themselves just before they walk through the office door and enter the fray of inbound requests. Switching the tenor of your customer management strategy to one that is proactive and “purposefully” reactive is often a matter of focus. Use this template to map your customers’ journey and how your team can improve in critical areas. 1 PowerPoint slide is all you need.

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5. A Fresh Plan for Customer Success

A customer success strategy is only as good as your ability to implement it. That’s where this customer success plan comes in. 14 slides in all, this easily customized PowerPoint template provides you with a framework for getting your CSM team focused and moving in the right direction.

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About Preact
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