Q:  Why do so many tech companies use Salesforce as CRM?

Because it is well understood.

There are many exciting CRM solutions for small businesses (like $1.5B+ Pipedrive), and powerful vertical-specific solutions (e.g., Veeva).

But the vast majority of businesses at scale are still going to pick Salesforce:

  • The CROs and VPs know it. They don’t want to change.
  • It’s highly extensible. Salesforce can do much, much more than almost any other CRM.
  • There is an unparalleled solution provider ecosystem. They can customize Salesforce to do almost anything you want.
  • The analytics and dashboards are powerful. This is what managers want.
  • Salesforce at scale as a CRM is also a workflow engine, and Salesforce is well-proven here.

The real-take away for many of you, is that if your VPS wants to move to Salesforce … let them.

Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it can be a bit harder to use than a simpler tool.

But it is incredibly powerful at scale. And well understood.

My one recommendation if nothing else: iIf you go to hire a VP of Sales, and they want to bring in Salesforce — let them.  You have to let your VPs pick the tools they know how to win with.  I’ve seen nothing but tears when a CEO didn’t let a VPS bring Salesforce in.

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