Always send a CEO at least one follow-up email.


The reality is most CEO (and VCs) are pretty bad at managing their own calendars, and especially, their in-boxes.

Most CEOs get 100s of emails a day, 1000s a week, and can barely keep up with the top priorities.

If you were a top, critical hire, at the very top of the CEO’s list for that day … then yes, she would have emailed you back already.

But for anything other than a Top 5 Priority of the Day … most CEOs fall way behind, and the emails are never followed up on.

So email once more, if she was genuinely interested. Ideally, something simple, with one more great fact about you.

If after that you don’t hear back …

Then move on.

But not before.

I always appreciate a second email if we made some sort of genuine connection. A third? Not so much.

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