So ever since I started in SaaS, I’ve been trying to answer a basic question: how quickly do the best take off and get to $10m ARR?

It took us about 5.5 years back in the day, but SaaS was much smaller then.  And I worried when I compared us to Dropbox, Yammer, Box and others that were our peers that got there faster.

Then I started investing and I came up with a basic ruie that the best startups needed to grow at least 8% a month once they crossed $1m ARR. I realized many got there in all different amounts of times.  But once you hit $1m ARR, you sort of needed to grow at that rate to break-out.  Roll that over a few more stages and you get to “Triple Triple Double Double”, i.e. that the best SaaS companies triple at $1m ARR, triple the next year, and at least double each year after that.  That puts you on a path to $100m+ ARR in 7-8 years or so.

Is It Now “Triple, Triple, Triple, Double, Double, Double” — T3D3 — For Top Tier SaaS Startups? Probably.

Now ChartMogul has summarized all this in one very useful chart in their latest report summarizing the data from their 1000s of SaaS customers:

Now I know successes that have taken longer, and ChartMogul’s data also shows a surprising number of folks stall out after $10m ARR.   So the data in this chart isn’t everything.

But if you are really going for it, and hit $1m ARR and want to know how hard to push — well, the data above is super helpful to benchmark yourself against.

The full report here:

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