Q:  How many SaaS companies have 1 million customers?

There aren’t that many companies in SaaS with 1 million paying customers.

And customer count varies a lot based on pricing / ACV:

  • Dropbox may have the most customers of any SaaS company — 15m+ at $2B in ARR. More here.
  • Squarespace is at $700m ARR and has 3.7m “unique subscriptions” although it’s unclear how many unique customers that is. More here.
  • Wix is at $1B ARR, worth $15B and added 1 million new subscriptions in 2020. Both it and Squarespace are a bit murky on customer count vs “subscriptions”, but those are the data we have. More here.
  • HubSpot is SMB too, but a bit upmarket of Squarespace and Wix. It is also at $1B+ in ARR, but with a $10k ACV (annual contact value), it gets there with 113,925 customers. More here.

  • Zoom has about 500,000 customers at $4B in ARR. So even Zoom doesn’t have 1m customers … yet!

  • Now going a bit more enterprise, Okta is also at $1B in ARR has 10,000 customers. Interestingly, pretty similar ACV and mix as HubSpot, despite have almost 2,000 $100k+ customers.  More here.

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