It certainly seems so.

Domo reported “$100m in bookings” for 2015 and “100% revenue growth rate”: Domo takes on Slack with $131 million at $2 billion+ valuatio, and a $120m run rate at Q1′17: Domo Climbs Enterprise Ladder in Cloud Business Intelligence

Fast-forward to Q1′18, that would put Domo at ~$160m-$200m ARR run rate by now (it’s a bit hard to precisely extrapolate from these 2 data points), growing still probably 40-50%+ year-over-year, possibly more.

That’s plenty to IPO after another year of growth and be worth $2b+ or more.

I suspect the only risk to Domo’s valuation is a sizeable burn rate, and their challenge will be to shrink. I’m fairly sure the top-line revenues are there to support an IPO greater than $2b.

With Box as a comp, Domo might need to approach $400m in ARR to hit that $2b valuation … still a lot of work to do:

But if Domo is growing faster than Box — which their press releases suggest they are — with Tableau as the comp (much closer to what Domo does), they may well already be worth more than $2b:

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