Have the majority of the SaaS companies got customer success all wrong?



“All wrong” is a little dramatic. One thing most SaaS companies get wrong in customer success is they don’t spend enough time surfacing customers that are truly at risk. The thing is:

  • Very satisfied customers often complain the most.


  • Unhappy customers often don’t complain at all.  They just find another solution and leave.  And …
  • Once usage drops, it’s too late.  You’ve already lost them.  They’ve already gone somewhere else.  So pure usage meters don’t really work.

So … #1  We all spend too much time on complaining customers and #2  We spend too much time looking at usage and even engagement metrics.  They matter.  But once they drop — it’s often too late. So you have to find the Almost Churn. See Questions On Quora

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Published on November 11, 2015

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  1. A knock-on effect of those that complain the most even if they like it, is that their complaints dissuade other people from trying your service, thus creating legions of “Almost Tried” as well. But that’s another matter…

    Now I have to see about creating a trigger for “Almost Churn” that doesn’t rely too much on usage and engagement metrics. That raises the question – what exactly would it do (push CSM’s to be more proactive? Or the unhappy users to be more vocal?) and what would trip such a trigger?

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