How can I give better SaaS product demos?

One simple answer:  train your reps more.

With most SaaS companies, for a while, demos get worse:

  • At first, founders do demos. The demos themselves are a bit rambling, too long — but full of passion.  And Q&A is A+++.
  • Then — you finally get a few good reps.  They simplify & just kill the demo once they get going.  Because they also know how to close.
  • But … then … you hire more and more reps …  the knowledge isn’t transferred.  Founders step out of demos.  There is no formal training.  Each rep hacks in on her own.  They don’t know the product as well.  So the demos get worse and worse.
  • Many VPs of Sales aren’t great at demo training.  Because they had someone do this for them at the last company.  They are great at managing and closing and hiring.  But not demo training.

You need a script.  You need a tight, 5 minute demo.  You need on-point, updated answers to the top 50 questions.  You need FUD and counter-FUD.

You need training.

Almost all of us don’t invest in serious, systematic sales training until much later than we should.

And our revenue suffers because of it.
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Published on January 31, 2016

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