How long does it typically take for a SaaS enterprise company to reach 10k MRR from launch of product?

90 to 500 days. And sometimes, 0 days.

That’s my portfolio.

It really varies based on the CEO, your ability to market (and sell), and if you truly launch with a sellable product. Vs. just a functionable product.

Some CEOs can sell before the product even exists. They sell the vision, the solution to a big problem. One of my CEOs of a company I’m on the board of sold $250k in product before even the most basic version was available.

Others launch with something cool, but not really what the market wants to buy. Another of my companies, now a rocket-ship, took 500 days to get to 10k in MRR.

If you truly have product-market fit AND a sellable product AND a bona-fide way to reach at least a decent number of initial prospects — you should be able to get your first 10 customers within 90 days of MSP.

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Published on July 21, 2016

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