Recently I moderated a great session at Max Altschuler’s Sales Stack conference on “How to Grow 20% Month over Month” with Jason Green from Emergence (who invested in me — thank you! :), Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint (you know his blog, folks), and Stacey Bishop from Scale who has led investments in Hubspot and other leaders.

It was a pretty great session and I steered it toward what the “bar” is today for SaaS venture investments, how that’s evolved, and where it’s going.  I also asked each of them for a case study of a recent SaaS investment to dig in on.

The video is below and you can meet all 3 of them at the ’16 SaaStr Annual in February!!  Get tickets here.  Jason Green and Emergence will lead several sessions with epic SaaS CEOs and VPS on scaling revenue, and Tomasz will be doing a presentation on Benchmarking, and Stacey will be there as well.


And audio / podcast:


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