Q: Is a 40% Month on Month (MoM) growth for a SaaS business considered an optimistic forecast?

If it’s the early days, of course not.

One way to simplify all this is this … the very, very best SaaS companies go from $1m to $10m ARR in 5 quarters or less.

Whatever growth you need to get there ($1m), so be it.

And after $10m, that momentum carries you to $100m in a somewhat predictable amount of time.

So 40% at 5k MRR might be great.  But what really matters is how quickly you are growing as you approach $1m ARR.

If you can grow 10% MoM or faster at $1m ARR, you are doing a lot of things right.

If you can grow in the teens MoM after $1m ARR, you are going to kill it.


More here: https://www.saastr.com/is-5x-now-…


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