MailChimp CMO Tom Klein knows a thing or two about how to thoughtfully market a product, earn a customer’s trust, and build relationships that last. So what’s his secret?

Luckily, he spent time with us at SaaStr Annual 2018 to discuss some tips, tricks, and key learnings that have helped the MailChimp brand stand out over the years—and we caught it all on video.

Take a look at our quick, 30-second clips to see what he has to say on the subject.

Being Yourself Makes all the Difference to Your Customers

Throw out all of that marketing jargon because “being yourself makes all the difference.” As a brand, you’ll better connect with your customers if you make a point of being open, authentic, and vulnerable. Remember, even when selling to a business you are still selling to people!

Don’t Always Stick to What You Think You Know

Klein tells us to always “bet on the weird one.” Whether it’s a clever emoji in a subject line or a ridiculous gif in the email, customers are often more attracted to the uncommon, the unexpected, and the straight-up weird. Make your marketing decisions accordingly and don’t always go with the same old tactics.

Always Include “Meaning” in Your Storytelling

When it comes to telling your story, “give people the meaning that they’re craving.” Why is your product the way it is; what gives it purpose? People want to find meaning in the things they buy, so make sure you’re delivering that meaning to your customers.

From being yourself to ensuring there’s meaning behind your product, Klein has some excellent advice on how to get the most out of your relationships with prospects and customers. To gain even more wisdom from best-in-class SaaS experts, grab your tickets and mark your calendar for SaaStr Annual 2019.

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