They should.

The #1 job in most SaaS companies for marketing is Demand Gen. Creating demand, and managing that demand (from leads to revenue) down the funnel. And Demand Gen needs to own a number, a target. It’s a revenue role after all, even if it’s not a closing role. Just like SDRs have to have clear targets and numbers.

There are different views on how far “down the funnel” the marketing number should be. These days, some push all the way and ask their VP of Marketing / Demand Gen to simply own a revenue number. I don’t like that, as it doesn’t have a clear line from the goal of your VP of Sales.

More top-of-the-funnel is a Lead Commit. These days, many have move away from lead commits on the theory leads are too amorphous and game-able, and instead, have pushed marketing one stage down to an Opportunity Commit. That works well with slightly bigger ACVs (e.g., $20k+) where sales and marketing are inherently collaborative. It works less well with small ACVs where marketing can’t be involved in every interesting deal.

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