“My App Stack” is a new series where we dig in with top CMOs, CROs, CTOs and CEOs on just what apps they’re really using to run their business.  I always learn a lot from these — they are in essence a best practices list from each leader.  Last week we had a great one with Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, Global Head of Customer Experience at Asana, check it out here.

This week we have Kyle Coleman, CMO at Clari!

#1. What’s your core stack of apps today?

I’m one of the top 5 internal users of Clari at the company. Marketers have to stay close to revenue, pipegen, pipeline movement, and out-quarter pipeline coverage. This is how you build and maintain credibility with sales. Asana, Zoom, Slack, Tableau, Openprise, Marketo, Salesforce, GA, Drift, Wynter, Tribyl… we’ve got a lot of killer apps!

#2.  What’s the number one top new app you’ve added the past year?

How could it not be AI related? Not just ChatGPT for day-to-day stuff, but apps like Copy.ai that are purpose-built for GTM teams. Incredible productivity boosters.

#3.  Other than your own, what app would you never let anyone take away from you no matter what: 

Looking through previous answers, everyone correctly points to their data / analytics systems as being irreplaceable. I’ll second that, but give a different answer. The phone app on my iPhone. Use it. Call your teammates, call your cross-functional peers. Not every conversation has to be a calendared meeting!

#4.  What’s your top “undiscovered gem” — an app you love but others may not have heard of?

Copy.ai has been my best new tool.

Kyle’s foray into B2B tech sales started in 2013 when he joined Looker as the 6th employee. Over the next 6 years, he grew the SDR team from 1 to 60+ as the company scaled from $100k in ARR to $100m+, and was acquired by Google for $2.6b. Kyle is now the CMO @ Clari, a platform purpose-built to run revenue. He’s an avid runner, a proud corgi owner, and is always looking to talk shop & trade best practices.

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