We have well over 1,000 founders, execs and VCs already coming to the first SaaStr Europa on 14-15 June!  That’s basically at venue capacity so grab a ticket now if you still want to come, and especially, we still have 50 slots let for Diversity and Inclusion program so please apply here.  Inclusion is our top priority for the handful of remaining tickets.

We’ll have amazing speakers at Unicorn Morning including founders and leaders of Mulesoft, Meltwater, UiPath, just IPO’d Zuora, and more.  Incredible founder-to-founder stories with Datadog, Algolia, Showpad, UserZoom, Platform.sh, AB Tasty, Topia, and more.  A full day of Scaling Revenue sessions with leaders from Pipedrive, Intercom, Stripe, Stackoverflow, Anaplan, Pendo, Aaron Ross, and more.  And sessions from the Top VCs including Accel, Point9, August Capital, Notion, Dawn, and much more.

But as part of SaaStr events 2.0, we’re putting an extra emphasis on mentorship.  Having the very top speakers and content are critical for inspiration and take-aways, but it’s the relationships you build and maintain that matter most.

So we’re also bringing in the Braindates from this year’s SaaStr Annual and will running mentoring sessions all day long in the sponsor expo area.  Here’s a great blog post on how this worked at the Annual.  In a nutshell, a week or two before the event, we’ll have as many of our top attendees and VCs sign up for 1-on-1 or 1-on-small group sessions.  You can scan all the topics, and join whatever 1-on-1s or small groups you want.  And meet new mentors and SaaS friends for life.  So sign up and attend as many Braindates as you can fit in!

We’re almost full, we’ve closed to maxxed out tickets and we only have one sponsor booth left.  The speakers will be amazing.  But it’s the connections that matter most.

Sign up today and we’ll use Braindates to make sure you leave with several more amazing connections and mentors than you came with.

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