CEOs — have you looked at SaaStr Pro?

It’s our structured curriculum to train your team in 52+ of the best learning and lessons from SaaStr.  We’ll push a lesson and a video a week to your team, and assign them homework around it.  We’ll help you train them automatically to work together better, and grow faster.  You don’t have to do the work.  We do it for you.

As part of SaaStr Pro, we also put together exclusive AMAs with Jason and other SaaS leaders where we answer all your top questions.  The next one is this week.

We’ve also added a ton of perks to SaaStr Pro, including:

  • Free job listings added to the SaaStr Weekly, which hits 40,000+ SaaS professionals.  A $299+ value right there!
  • Free tickets to SaaStr Europa and the SaaStr Annual.  A $999+ value right there! and
  • Free bamboo desk at the SaaStr CoSelling Space when you are in SF.  A $499+ value right there!  Up to 10 days a month.

The next AMA is this week so if you’re thinking of Going Pro … go now!  Sign up here.  Cancel anytime.  We want you happy and successful.  And hopefully, Pro can help a bit there.

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