Lead with your own variant of this line — “How can I help you [what your product does] better?”

“How can I use [our product] to get you more leads?”

“How can I help you manage your [what your product improves] process better?”

Etc. etc.

Great salespeople may disagree with the line per se, but sales in SaaS is about solving people’s problems.

Lead with that. How you can help solve their problem.

That’s where sales becomes the prospect’s ally and even advocate, and not someone to negotiate price and terms with.

The great sales reps are allies and champions for their customers and prospects. That’s why when they ask for the contract to be Adobe Sign’ed on Dec 31 — they get the deal.

Because the prospect appreciates all the hard work solving their problem, and still signs the deal on a day they certainly could be doing anything else.

More here: Why The Greatest Sales Teams Just Kill It On Dec 31. When Everyone Else Has Gone Home. – SaaStr

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