Logos are very valuable. Your customers, your prospects, your investors and your employees (your 4 constituents) all over-index on logos. Have your first customer conference, and have Google and Apple speak? Everyone will want to hear them. Even if actually, they are really some of your smaller customer by revenues. Iconic logo customers will inspire new hires, and help your employees understand why what they are doing is important. Business software can be boring. Knowing Google and Facebook love your boring business software? Inspiring. And investors love logos. The more iconic logos you have, the easier venture funding will be. It’s just a fact.

However, you are exactly right. If your competitor has a strong outbound team, and especially if they have a “competitive targeting” team, they will be all over that logo account.

So make sure you have permission to publicize any logo you promote. That way, when your stakeholder their gets 5 phone calls, 50 emails, and an opportunity to do a keynote at your competitor’s customer conference … she’ll be ready.

To tell them No.

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