Welcome to Episode 8! This episode was recorded at SaaStr Annual 2016 and it is an incredible conversation in which Jason Lemkin deep dives into the career and wisdom of Keith Rabois. For those that do not know, Keith is a legend of the tech industry, having helped build some of the most important companies in Silicon Valley including Paypal, Square and Linkedin. He is also a very prominent VC with Khosla Ventures and has recently rejoined the world of operations, looking to disrupt the world of property with OpenDoor.Keith_Rabois

In today’s show we cover:

Why Keith rejoined the world of operations having been a VC with Khosla.
Is domain expertise a good or a bad thing to have when entering an industry?
When hiring, how do you achieve the balance of experience and potential?
When is the right time to hire a COO? What are the signs?
How Did Keith approach hiring in high-growth rocketship companies?

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