Welcome to Episode #13! Joining us today, I am delighted to welcome Mark Woodward CEO of Invoca – software that helps marketers drive revenue with call intelligence. Invoca has built a platform that addresses the top concern for enterprise CMOs today — delivering personalized customer experiences across devices and channels. They have backing from the likes of Upfront Ventures who wrote this on Invoca’s recent $30m raise (https://www.bothsidesofthetable.c…) and in today’s show with Mark we discuss:Mark_Woodward

Question from Mark Suster: How does Mark feel taking the contrarian approach that phone calls are alive and growing?
How was Invoice’s journey to raising $30m in funding? What were the challenges? What was unexpected?
What all new CEOs must know coming into a new role.
How can a new CEO implement a new company culture and management style without disrupting the existing one?
What does IPO-ready look like in a company? What are the requirements before you consider that next step?

In a round we call the 60 Second SaaStr, we also hear:

The most crucial characteristic of all good CEOs.
Biggest lesson from being a 3 time CEO?
If Mark could start the process again, what would he do differently?

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