podcast-featured-37-hoangWelcome to Episode 37! Quang Hoang is the Co- Founder of Birdly. Birdly, convinced by the power of messaging within organizations, decided to build a broader service that connects your favorite business softwares to messaging apps. It is this vision that has led to them being named one of the hottest startups from YC Winter 2016 batch and has led to funding from some of the best in the industry including our own Jason Lemkin, Slack, previous guest Nicolas Dessaigne,  and prestigious French investors Alven Capital and Partech Ventures.Quang_HOANG

In today’s episode with Quang we discuss:
How did Quang come to found Birdly? What was the a-ha moment?
What did Quang learn from pivoting to Birdly? What is it important for founders to consider before a pivot?
How does Quang approach the challenging topic of a business model for bots?
Why does Quang believe that the whole pricing model for SaaS will change?
What were the main benefits of the YC experience and how did it impact his fundraising?
When is the right time for European startups to make the move to SF? How important is it to be close to your customers?

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