podcast-featured-43-helveyWelcome to Episode #43! Today we bring you one of the highlights from SaaStr Annual 2016, with Jason Lemkin talking to Kirsten Helvey, COO of Cornerstone OnDemand, a cloud-based learning and talent management solutions provider. In the episode, Kirsten discusses her 11 years of experience with rising up in the ranks from employee #30 to her current position in the company, which is now 1500-strong. It is a phenomenal scaling story, and so many insights and nuggets of wisdom from Kirsten here.

Kirsten_HelveyIn today’s episode you will learn:
Why you should always be thinking about building, no matter the scale.
Why we should all stop talking about company culture.
Why you should forget the MBA and take a psychology degree.
How to give direct and consistent feedback with employees in order to get the most out of them.
Why we should focus more on upsell and less on customer acquisition.
How to build, integrate, and scale a customer success team into a 1,500 person organization.

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