Welcome to Episode 60! Lawrence Coburn is the Founder & CEO of DoubleDutch, the category leader for event marketing automation. If you are at SaaStr and have the pleasure of using the SaaStr app, yep that is DoubleDutch! They have raised more than 75m in VC funding from some of the best VCs in the world including Index Ventures, Bessemer, Floodgate and Bullpen. As for Lawrence, he is a three-time entrepreneur, Lawrence also founded RateItAll, a top ten consumer review property, and LocationMeme, a blog about location based services. Lawrence is also the geo-location editor for The Next Web, is a mentor at IO Ventures, a San Francisco based incubator, and on the advisory board for the Enterprise 2.0 conference. Huge thanks to Jason Lemkin for the intro to Lawrence today.

lawrence_coburnIn today’s episode you will learn:
How did Lawrence make his way into SaaS and then come to found DoubleDutch, the category leader for mobile social events?
How does Lawrence look to use SDR as a growth engine and does he think it is important to invest in this early to build the machine?
How has Lawrence found the transition in terms of moving upmarket from SMB to Enterprise? How does Lawrence look to differentiate himself in such a crowded market?
How has Lawrence seen the evolution of the team? Does he agree there are different people for different phases of the growth cycle?
How does Lawrence look to use customer success as a bridge to cover gaps in product?

60 Second SaaStr
Fave SaaS resource?
What does Lawrence know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning?
What is the biggest challenge Lawrence faces to this day?

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