Welcome to Episode 63! Brandon Bruce is the Co-Founder and COO Cirrus Insight, the plugin for Gmail and Outlook that automatically updates Salesforce as you work. Cirrus is a bootstrapped startup with triple-digit yearly growth since it’s founding 4 years ago and has grown from 2 co-founders in 2011 to a team of 55 people today. And I have to say a huge thanks to Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue for the intro to Brandon today. Likewise, if you want to join me and Jason Lemkin for mojitos at SaaStr Annual 2017 and also want an incredible 20% off ticket prices, then all you have to do is click herebrandon_bruce

In today’s episode you will learn:
How did Brandon make his way into the world of SaaS and come to found Cirrus Insight?
What does Brandon mean he says he likes to take the road less traveled in Sales? What have been his learnings from his interactions on the front line of sales? How has it changed how he approaches sales?
How are Cirrus so efficient at events in terms of getting more leads, meetings, and sales? What is the strategy going into events? How can we optimize this?
Speaking of events in general there, how does Brandon look to define prospect and buyer personas? How important is this for events? How narrow and specific do these personas have to be?
Brandon has stated before the importance of learning and doing manual before automatic with the future in mind. What do he mean by this and how does it affect his roadmap and thought process to the future going forward?

60 Second SaaStr:
Favourite SaaS reading material?
What does Brandon know now that he wish he had known at the beginning?
The biggest challenge of running Cirrus and how Brandon looks to combat it?

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