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Welcome to Episode 99! Luke Retterath is the Director of Demand Generation of Duo Security, the most loved company in security. They have the backing of some of the best investors in the business including Benchmark, Redpoint, Google Ventures, and True Venture just to name a few. As for Luke, his role is to develop, execute, and manage demand generation programs assessing the effectiveness of all marketing programs as well as defining goals, metrics and ROI’s for the differing programs.Luke Retterath

In today’s episode you will learn:
How did Luke make his way into the world of SaaS and come to found unicorn startup, Namely?
What are the 3 practical tests Luke uses to assess demand gen candidates in the hiring process? What are the right questions to ask? Is it right to look for badges on the CV?
Once the demand gen team is in place, how do we get the team jump started? Where should the focus be placed?
What are the 5 things that have helped drive growth at Duo? How can founders implement these into their demand gen strategy to 3x revenue for 3 years?
How should one plan and forecast when it comes to demand gen? How does Luke approach the topic of MQLs? How does this change for the inside sales team?

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