Welcome to Episode 129! May Habib is the Founder & CEO of Qordoba, the best platform for building truly localized products across apps, websites and marketing content. It is the fastest, most scalable way to grow from one market to many. We do also want to say a big congratulations to May for recently raising a fantastic Series with the likes of Upfront Ventures and Rincon Partners leading the round. Prior to founding Qordoba, May was Director of M&A at Mubadala and an investment banker at Lehmann Brothers and Barclays in New York. May has also been named to the 30 Under 30 and CEO of the Year award.

In today’s episode you will learn:

* How May made her way from North Lebanon to founding one of the hottest early stage SaaS companies on the West Coast.

* May has quadrupled her MRR growth since last year through ‘turning her SDR’s into the smartest people in the space.’ What does this mean? How can this be done and replicated? What “SDR best practices” did May follow that damaged her?

* May has a unique approach to scaling prospect search, how does this play out? Does May agree with Mark Suster with regards to always calling high on customer outbound? Why does May think there is only value in outbound to seriously qualified leads?

* Why does May believe that startups are wrong to think that they have to start at SMB and then move up to enterprise? How can startups immediately start with enterprise? What advice does May have in terms of asking for those big ACV’s as a small startup?

* What advice did May receive during her fundraising that she found particularly jarring? What other than funds does May believe fundraising can be particularly good for?

60 Second SaaStr:

* What does May know now that she wishes she had known at the beginning?

* What is May’s favourite SaaS reading material?

* Hardest moment in the journey with Qordoba?

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