Welcome to Episode 162! Olof Mathé is the Founder & CEO @ Mixmax, the startup that allows you to be a sales pro, providing powerful analytics, automation and enhancements for your outbound communication and a product that has achieved almost the impossible in SaaS, true viral growth and a $0 CAC. As for Olof, prior to Mixmax he led the team that built Inkling Habitat, now adopted by the world’s largest publishers and before that he was an entrepreneur and worked at Skype and McKinsey.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

* How Olof made his way to the bay and how he made his way into the world of SaaS with the founding of Mixmax.

* Why does Olof believe that customer success is the new marketing? What does this mean for the right time to hire your first customer success rep? What are the other subsequent advantages of instilling an early customer success team?

* Why does Olof believe that every company must have some haters? What does this suggest about your product? How should startup founders react to this? Is there a method of damage limitation with these segments? Why does Olof think it is ok if they come from your core user base?

* With regards to growth, how important does Olof view the differing forms of metrics? How many should founders be focused on? How does this approach affect your internal decision-making? How does it affect product roadmap?

* How does Olof break down the structure of Mixmax into 3 subsequent parts? Why does Olof not like employees in SF working from home? What are the drawbacks to this? What is the right way to recruit remote employees? Why is not all inbound poor quality?

60 Second SaaStr

* What does Olof know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning?

* How to cost effectively deal with inbound hiring applications?

* What is the least discussed but most worthy topic in SaaS?

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