In the latest SaaStr Workshop Wednesday (sign up for FREE here), Jessica Bartos of Salesforce Ventures did a great deep dive on the state of SaaS and venture in 2013.

The full session is below and it’s a great watch.

One metric stood out to me I hadn’t seen presented before: just how many private SaaS companies (i.e., startups) have crossed $100,000,000.  It’s only 150.

While that’s still a lot, it also gives you a sense of the funnel and odds in SaaS.  And of some of the challenges, as we have far more than 150 unicorns.  I’ve invested at the seed level at 6 that are past $100m ARR today, so I assumed it was a bit more than 150.

But it makes sense.  150 x $100m = $15B+ in spend, probably more like $30B in spend.  Getting to $100m ARR in SaaS is pretty doable if you can get to $10m ARR and are growing 60%.

But it’s a reminder if you want to Go Big in SaaS, your job is to be in The Top 150 of All SaaS Startups.  Aim high.

Full session here:

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