Your public pricing? Usually the answer is — Not Today.

  • First, it’s complex to manage.
  • Second, your users will see the pricing is “cheaper” somewhere else and get mad.
  • Third, it’s unlikely to move the needle.

Usually — wait. Wait until your are bigger and can deal with all the complexity here.

But if you really can show it can move the needle now, ignore this, and go for it. A common exception here is when your app takes off in less developed countries as a large % of your customer base without you really planning for it. $5 a month can be a lot in some geographies … vs. probably way too cheap in U.S., Europe, etc.

A second important exception is localizing currencies. You should do this as soon as you have 5% of your customers in any given country:

Make the pricing roughly comparable. This shows you are “localized” and customer-centric in all your important geographies.

The third, and biggest, exception is non-transparent pricing. I.e., “Call Me”. Every type of deal is priced differently. Your UK team will need more flexibility in Call Me deals that your San Francisco team, no doubt.

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