I say yes.

Just by asking the question, I’m fairly certain:

  • You’re a startup person, and you want to grow. This is probably worth a short term salary cut for that type of person — if the role is the right one. If it can help accelerate your career and/or personal growth path. I took a $25k salary cut for my first start-up job. It was one of the best investment I’ve ever made.
  • You like the opportunity. You’re asking yourself if you should take less salary because … salary aside, you want to do it.

I say, invest in yourself and your future. Go for it.

But ask them nicely if there is any way they can match your current salary. Tell them you are all-in, but the salary cut is really hard for you.

If you ask nicely twice, oftentimes, they can, or at least, they will try to come closer. If you ask in a way that doesn’t suggest you aren’t a team player.

And maybe ask nicely for a few extra stock options if they can’t match the salary.

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