As this gets published, I’ve just about finished giving my talks at 2022 SaaStr Annual.  And thank you so much to everyone that came, or watched the streaming.  It really means a lot.

And one of my themes was that while the markets are down, I mean way down — the best in SaaS are still growing at jaw-dropping rates.

I put together this slide:

No doubt, some categories are still recovering from a Covid Hangover.  Zoom’s SMB base has flattened after exploding like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  Shopify and others in ecommerce have had a few challenging quarters as offline commerce returns to its prior levels.

But for the most part, there is no slowdown in the leaders of SaaS.  I mean, just look at the list above.  From HubSpot to Snowflake to Asana to Monday to Gitlab to Cloudflare, the best in SaaS and Cloud aren’t just growing faster than ever.  They are often accelerating at scale.

Accelerating at $500m in ARR, $1B, at $1.5B, at $2B in ARR!

Multiples are down.  Venture remains a bit spooked.

But go forth and conquer.  There literally has never been a better time to sell a SaaS product.  Even if valuations aren’t what they were in the crazy times of 2021.

I mean, do it just right, change the world of business software a little bit, and not only can you get to $1,000,000,000 in ARR.  You don’t even have to slow down.

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