Welcome to Episode 25! I am delighted to present Part 2 of our feature of Gainsight. Joining me today I have Anthony Kennada, the founding VP of Marketing at Gainsight, where he is responsible for managing the company’s global marketing strategy, from demand generation to brand marketing, and is credited with creating the “Pulse” community of Customer Success leaders. Anthony began his career as an early employee at Box. He later joined LiveOffice and managed their OEM partnership with Symantec from contract signature to acquisition for $115M. Prior to joining Gainsight, Anthony led the Emerging Cloud Products division at Symantec, and was responsible for the first organic product development effort that spanned both consumer and enterprise market segments.

In today’s show with Anthony we discuss:Anthony_Kennada

How Anthony came to be VP of Marketing at one of the hottest startups in the valley.

Being the founding VP of Marketing, how did Anthony look to grow the team? What were the actual steps Anthony used to scale the marketing at Gainsight?

How has B2B marketing changed, from Box to today? With this evolution, what are Anthony’s marketing learnings in creating new categories vs. new players in existing categories?

How should we be thinking about marketing, both Demand Gen and Corporate, differently in crowded spaces?

How can marketing help support going up market and driving ACVs up? Both Box and Gainsight did this.

How should CEOs and VPMs think about and budget events? What if they don’t have all the capital Gainsight does?

In a round we call the 60 Second SaaStr, we also hear:

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