Welcome to Episode #5! It is a huge honor to welcome Mamoon Hamid, Partner at Social Capital, one of the world’s best performing funds, with investments in the likes of Slack, Box, Intercom, Yammer, and many more incredible companies. Prior to joining Social, Mamoon was a Partner at US Venture Partners (USVP) and in today’s show we discuss:Mamoon_Hamid

How Mamoon made his way into the world of investing and VC.
What were Mamoon’s biggest takeaways from seeing the rocketship growth of the likes of Slack and Box? What were their challenges faced?
What is the distinct value proposition of Social over other VC funds? How do you look to differentiate?
What has been the effect of the rise of the bottoms up sales approach and what role will this play in the future for selling to enterprise clients?
Which company will be the first to make a million on Slack?

In a round we call the 60 Second SaaStr, we also hear:
Biggest challenge facing Mamoon and Social Capital?
Mamoon’s favourite SaaS resource?
Biggest piece of advice to SaaS founders?

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Mamoon Hamid


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And his ’15 SaaStr Annual presentations are here:

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