Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 7.59.09 AMRecently, Heavybit in San Francisco invited me to talk about The Top 10 Mistakes Getting to $100m ARR.  While that’s a great headline, really it’s a bit broad so I narrowed it to my top 10 mistakes getting to the first $20m in ARR.

To make it even better, I grabbed a real-live case study to add to my mistakes — Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO of Algolia.  Algolia is a hosted search-as-a-service startup has gone from essentially $0 to millions in ARR in the past 12 months (my original post on why I invested here) and just raised $18 million from Accel on the back of that early success and impressive MoM growth.

Anyhow Nicolas has made plenty of mistakes himself, but thankfully — not all of my Top 10.  🙂  Perhaps that’s one small reason they’ve done substantially better than I did at this stage.

If you’ve read SaaStr for a while you’ve seen most of the Top 10, but watching and hearing from them in context, with updates and deeper dives, and with Algolia added as a case study I think is pretty interesting.

The video also includes a full transcript for those of you like me who have trouble sitting still for that long.  Click on the image below or here to watch and read.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.07.34 AM

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